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Koi Kichi Quiz Download

Programmer: Joop van Tol.

The Koi Kichi Quiz (KKQ) is kind of a quiz with a built in search function for koi enthusiasts.  The program contains almost all sub varieties of koi, their description and a large number of koi related terms. The program classifies over 160 sub varieties according to the show varieties used in the ZNA shows in Japan and the Holland Koi Show (HKS) in the Netherlands. Furthermore the program contains over 220 koi related terms about colour, pattern, body etc. The goal of the “Koi Kichi Quiz” is to elevate your knowledge about varieties and terms in a playful fashion. The contents of the KKQ are checked and assessed by official ZNA and BKKS judges from the Netherlands, England, Belgium and South-Africa. This way we can guarantee that the distribution of information is of a high standard. Nevertheless an error may have crept in.

Get started straight away?

1) Click on the download button at the bottom of the page.
2) Save the file to your hard disk first (do not open it directly!).
3) Open Microsoft Excel (version 2003 and above).
4) Make sure that Excel is set to allow macros.
5) Open the saved file from within Microsoft Excel.

Read the manual first?

When you click on the ‘question button’ the program will generate a completely random question for you to try to answer for yourself. Pushing the ‘answer button’ will then show you whether your thoughts were correct or not. You can either choose to be shown a description to which you should guess the variety or term in question or you can choose to be shown the variety or term to guess the description. You also have the possibility to limit the questions to one specific category of terms (such as colour) or to varieties. Furthermore, all terms and varieties have been ‘phonetically’ translated, meaning that you have the option (if your computer meets the requirements for it) to play the quiz by ear. This way you can also learn the correct pronunciation of the terminology and the varieties’ names.

Another part of this program is the built in search function. This function allows you to find the description of specific varieties or terms. Can’t remember the meaning of ‘Kiwa’ anymore? Just type it in and the description will appear on your screen. Want to know what a Matsukawabake looks like? Just type in the first couple of letters and the complete name will appear as an option. Then all you need to do is press enter and the description of the sub variety will pop up on your screen.  When looking up (sub) varieties the program will also show you the related show varieties as used in the ZNA shows in Japan or the Holland Koi Show in the Netherlands. From this screen you can return to the Quiz or the Intro Page. By clicking on the capital I, the help screen will appear with an explanation of all the different buttons.

The Koi Kichi Quiz is completely bilingual, meaning in both Dutch and English. To choose your language, simply click on the flag of the country in question. There is a help function on every page to explain the most important functions of the program.

The use of this software requires a version of Microsoft Excel 2003 or above. Excel is part of Microsoft Office, just as Word, Access and Power Point are. You need to allow macros in your Excel settings. Macros are series of commands (programmer language) that enable the software to function correctly. Nowadays standard Office settings do not allow macros to run because they are vulnerable to viruses. However if you download this software from the NVN-Website you needn’t worry about this. The software is absolutely virus free because it is under ownership of the NVN. However, never allow macros when running software of dubious origin. Be sure to only download this software from the download page of the NVN-Website.
It is important to save the file to your hard disk before opening it. After a certain amount of time the free license period of the program ends so that you will have to re-download the program. This way you are ensured of always using the latest version. If you would like to share this program with family or friends, please do not email the file to them directly, but ask them to download it (for free) from the NVN-Website. Below you see three screen prints showing how to allow macros in Excel 2003. Later versions of Excel might be a bit different, but by browsing the menu you will find where to allow macros.

If any problems occur when using this software, please refer to the download page of the NVN-Website first. Frequently asked questions will be answered there to our best ability. If however your question or problem cannot be found there, you can send an email to software@nvn-koi.nl so that we can try to solve your problem. You may also send us emails containing constructive criticism or suggestions on how to improve the program. Depending on the number of the reactions, we can or cannot answer all emails.

We can in no way offer any warranty on the software. The software is made available as it is without any guarantees. In no way can the author of the NVN be held accountable for any possible consequential damage due to usage of the software, misusage of the software, disfunctionality, incorrect installation or application of this software.

The contents of this program are the result of the utmost care. Some well known people from within the koi scene have collaborated on its creation and translation, with special thanks to: Toën Feyen (Holland, ZNA Local Certified Judge), Mike Harvey (South Africa, ZNA Assistent Certified Judge, SAKKS judge), Tony Price (UK, ZNA Local Certified Judge), Louis Vanreusel (Belgium, ZNA Local Certified Judge, BKKS Certified Judge) and Bernie Woollands (UK, BKKS Certified Judge).

Last but not least, we hope you will enjoy the Koi Kichi Quiz.

Click here to download the file.

(c) Joop van Tol, board member of the Nishikigoi Vereniging Nederland (Dutch Nishikigoi Association).